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Roje All Exotic Leather
Your only source for genuine skins and hides.

We are a US based service-orientated wholesale distributor with a focus on the customer's needs. Our mission is to provide the finest, most durable and beautiful leathers and furs with a commitment to high quality standards, innovation, and creativity. We can assist on any level. Please inquire about incorporating your own unique ideas and designs. Let us assist you in production as well as introducing your own custom colors and designs. Our success is due not only to our visionary approach to service and innovation, but also our strong work and environmental ethics to ensure top quality products and the safety of wildlife. We stand by our product and guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of every skin, hide, panel, crust, and fur plate. We do not engage in unscrupulous business practices. We're a professional firm with years of experience brokering exotic materials, and our knowledge can save you weeks of headaches from misunderstanding complex import/export regulations. Please contact us if you have any questions 1-800-810-1988 For production inquiries of 10 skins or more per color please contact